Why Print Is Not Dead


Why Print Is Not Dead

By kwikkopy
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As technology progresses, information has become easier and easier to share, it appears that digital media and online marketing campaigns are the wave of the future. With so many companies and businesses focusing on building their brands digitally and expanding their online presence does this mean the end of traditional print? Far from it, before we begin to mourn the loss of printed publications and advertisements here’s a few reasons why print is not dead.

The End of Print?

With the approach of the digital age, shrinking circulation numbers and many companies switching from print to online advertising, it appeared to many that the age of print was over. But those who declared print dead may have spoken too soon, as many companies, publishers, and other businesses are realizing the benefits of using traditional print and media. In fact, print is starting to come back.

Shortcomings of Digital Advertising

While it may seem that digital advertising is the easiest way to reach mass audiences, many companies are starting to see the shortcoming of this approach. Last year, Proctor & Gamble announced that it cut digital advertising by $200 million, focusing instead on other advertising approaches, including print. So, what would cause the world’s largest advertiser to move away from digital advertising? According to Proctor & Gamble, their digital marketing and advertising campaigns had failed to effectively reach their target audiences.

Returning to Print

Advertisers aren’t the only ones who are moving away from digital publishing, many magazines are beginning to return to producing physical publications. Magazines such as Paste, which initially ceased printed publications in 2010, are now producing quarterly printed publications. Paste isn’t the only publication returning to print. Spin published a limited edition in October 2016, that proved popular with their audience. In fact, both magazines have attributed the rising popularity of nostalgia among their readers for the demand for printed publications.

Advantages of Printed Media and Advertising

Companies and publishers, as well as their audiences, are recognizing the advantages traditional print has over digital media, helping drive changes that are highlighting the positive aspects of printed media. With so much online competition, companies are finding that printed advertisements are more likely to be seen by their target audience, and helps build credibility and loyalty with consumers. In fact, studies show that due to the rising popularity of “unplugging” from technology, print readers face less distractions and are more focused, which means they’re more likely to retaininformation and take action.

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