Saying Thank You in Business Is Still “Magic”


Saying Thank You in Business Is Still “Magic”

By kwikkopy
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Saying Thank You in Business

Remember learning as a child that please and thank you were magic words? They can still work their magic for you today in business. Saying thanks in a thoughtful, handwritten thank you card offers additional benefits that other methods – such as phone calls – just don’t measure up to. That’s why if earning new business and keeping current clients happy is one your business goals, then consider leaning on these four benefits of using thank you cards to show appreciation.

Get personal

By far, the most striking benefit of writing and sending a thank you note is its personal nature. Email, text messages and even phone calls and voice messages just don’t carry the personal essence of a thank you card in business. Especially when personalized thank you cards customized for your business include a handwritten personal note from you, they let the recipient know you truly care and that you are writing directly – and only – to them. Offer this kind of personal touch by letting a thank you card deliver your message of appreciation for their business.

Stand out

In these days of impersonal electronic messages, a personalized thank you card will stand out among the messages your client or business partner receives in any given week. Set yourself apart from your competition and stand out in the eyes of your clients and business connections.

Be seen

When any kind of greeting card – birthday, holiday, or thank you card – arrives in the mail, the envelope is opened, the message is read and then what? It’s usually shared with others by getting passed around, stood up on a desk where others will see it, or hung on a bulletin board where others can read it. And how long will it be there? Usually, until the next one arrives – which may be a long time!

Don’t fade

Phone calls and personal visits generate some excitement for short time, but they too fade into the past as the day’s priorities take precedence. Thank you cards, however, stand as reminders to your business clients and partners that you value them and their business. Let’s also face the fact that it’s awfully difficult for a feeling person to throw away your thank you card and its personalized message. Don’t fade from memory on social media, use thank you cards to remain top-of-mind in your business.

Begin working your business magic today by saying thank you in a meaningful and lasting way. Order your customized business thank you cards from Kwik Kopy today!

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