How to Pack and Ship Your Christmas Cookies


How to Pack and Ship Your Christmas Cookies

By kwikkopy
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There’s no better way to show friends and loved ones that you’rethinking of them during the holidays than with a care package full of holiday cookies. But making sure your parcel reaches them in one piece is important. Nobody wants to open a box full of crumbs. Whether shipping them to the North Pole or to family out of town, to help make sure you’re able to share sweet treats and holiday joy this season we wanted to pass along tips on how to pack and ship your Christmas cookies.

Delicious Christmas Creations

While there’s a variety of holiday baked goods and sweets you can choose from to send to friends and relatives, you want to make sure they arrive fresh and intact. Before you start your holiday baking,make sure to choose treats that will ship well, like gingerbread cut-out cookies, fudge or brownies. These tasty holiday sweets are delicious and ship well.

Packing Holiday Treats

Once your sweets and treats are out of the oven and had a chance to cool, it’s time to pack them up. To keep them fresh on their journey,wrap your treats in plastic wrap or put them in a resealable bag before placing them in an airtight plastic container. This helps seal in freshness and protect them from any shifting that may occur. Finally, place them in a packing box filled bubble wrap or packing peanuts to keep them from moving during shipping.

Sending Holiday Cheer

Now that your holiday treats and Christmas cookies are ready to go, it’s time to send some holiday cheer. To make sure your goodies arrive with that just out of the oven, freshly baked taste, we recommend express or priority shipping so they arrive in 1-2 days. Once your parcel is on its way make sure to keep track of it so you know when your holiday package arrives.

Helping You Send Christmas Cheer This Holiday Season

Here at Kwik Kopy, our packaging and shipping experts are ready to help you send friends and family Christmas cheer this holiday season. Whether holiday cookies or carefully wrapped presents, we have everything you need to make sure your package arrives safely and on time.

Whether you’re looking for packing supplies or professional packing services, as an authorized UPS, FedEx and USPS shipper, we’re committed to helping you find the shipping options that perfectly fit your needs. You can even use our site to track when your package will arrive. So, if you’re looking for shipping experts who will save you time and money this holiday season, contact us today or call us at 859-431-8811.

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