5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Local Printing Service


5 Reasons Why You Should Choose a Local Printing Service

By kwikkopy
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You may think that online is the way to go to market your business, and that’s certainly one way. Since there are different ways to approach having printed materials produced for your business, we want to highlight five compelling reasons why using a local printer is a wise choice.

 1.  Fast Turnaround

You’ll find many printing services on the internet that claim to produce nationwide availability and shipping. These companies have a great sales pitch, and they may be able to produce a good product. Once you get into the details, you find that processing and shipping times are long, and there’s no guarantee that your order will arrive in time for your event. And then what if your order was damaged or destroyed in transit. At Kwik Kopy Business Center, you are our priority; you aren’t just one of many. You also don’t have to worry about your order arriving on time, or damaged. We personally see to the delivery.

2.  Great Customer Support

When you choose a local printer, it’s helpful to sit down with the person handling this work and talk through your ideas. You’ll see the available papers, even see a sample of your piece to make sure the colors and message are right. That personal approach will ensure that you get exactly what you expect.

3.  Avoid Miscommunication

The internet is great for ordering shoes. You see the picture, you choose your size, and you fill out the short order form. Not so with ordering your printing online. You are not one-size-fits-all, so why should you be restricted to a one-size-fits-all online order form. Kwik Kopy Business Center is local and offers the option of certain online features PLUS the ability to communicate directly. The best of both worlds!

4.  Enjoy Great Pricing

Because we at Kwik Kopy Business Center truly value long-term relationships with our clients, you can be confident that you’re getting the best deal available. You may be able to take advantage of package deals or other specials, AND you don’t have to worry about shipping fees. Shipping fees alone can be a significant area of savings.

5.  Support Local Business

Choosing local is a great way to bolster your community’s economy – and the money spent locally provides the services and amenities that we all enjoy. Kwik Kopy Business Center is the local Tri-State area printing service you can count on … always.  Get a quote for your project.



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