Make Your Stationery Stand Out!


Make Your Stationery Stand Out!

By kwikkopy
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Whether it’s for a special event like a wedding or your business, you want the stationery you use to stand out. Since this is something we get to help people do all the time, we want to share our top tips with you now:

It’s All About the Quality

It’s possible for stationery to stand out for the wrong reasons. For example, if someone handles a piece of stationery that feels flimsy, chances are they’re going to have a negative association with it. This isn’t the way you want your stationery to be perceived, and that’s why quality is the number one tip on our list. When stationary is printed on a quality material and designed with a professional touch, people are going to take notice for all the right reasons!


This is just as important for wedding stationery as it is for any stationery that a business uses. Although design can be a subjective field, there are plenty of rules and best practices that almost always hold true. So, if you’ve ever wondered what separates a professional design from one cobbled together by an amateur, consistency is likely one of the elements. Even if don’t immediately notice, professional designers harness consistency in a way that gives any type of stationery a look and feel that’s immediately appealing.

Don’t Gloss Over the Details

Seemingly small details are another element that can set great stationery designs apart from mediocre ones. While you don’t want stationery to have a cluttered design, it’s also important for what you have printed to have all relevant information on it. Working with a design expert is a great way to ensure that your stationery includes all the right details and touches.

Make It Special

When stationery has a truly custom design, there’s no question that it will stand out. This type of design generally comes down to finding the right special touch for your stationery. Because there are many different options from which to choose, the key is choosing the one that’s the perfect match for what you want to accomplish with your stationery.

Quality, consistency, details and making it special are all proven ways to ensure your stationery stands out. If you want a great local partner to help you with this process, look at our graphic design and artwork services page, then give us a call at (859) 431-8811 to discuss your stationery needs. You can also stop by to visit with us in person at 5040 Old Taylor Mill Rd.

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