How Full-Color Envelopes Create Eye-Catching Marketing


How Full-Color Envelopes Create Eye-Catching Marketing

By kwikkopy
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If you’re using mail advertising as a marketing channel, it’s a good idea to test every element of your mailings. Envelopes are a great starting point for this type of testing. Not only are envelopes something that every recipient will see, but they also play a big role in whether or not people decide to open your mailings.

 The Power of Full-Color Envelopes

Since most mailboxes are full of white envelopes, using full-color envelopes for your mail advertising campaigns is a great way to stand out. Some tests have found that full-color envelopes are opened 9 times as often as plain white ones! Grabbing recipients’ attention with this type of envelope will greatly increase the likelihood of them opening it and taking action on what you have to offer.

 Now that you know why full-color envelopes are so compelling, you may be wondering which color to use. Because there’s no exact answer to this question, a smart option is to test a few different colors that are relevant to your brand and marketing.

 In addition to getting the best results through testing, this approach is also much more cost-effective than many people realize. With a partner like Kwik Kopy Business Center, you can get high-quality full-color envelopes at very competitive rates.

 To get started with this type of mail marketing material, all you need to do is come see us at 5040 Old Taylor Mill Road or call (859)431-8811 today.

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