How to Design Effective Business Stationery for Marketing


How to Design Effective Business Stationery for Marketing

By kwikkopy
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If you want to use stationery to market your business, here are six essential design tips on how to design effective business stationery for marketing:

  1. Have Consistent Colors

An ideal color scheme for stationery is one that gets people to take notice of your business while also staying consistent with your brand identity. In general, sticking with a few key colors will produce the best results.

  1. Use the Right Font

While ideal fonts can vary quite a bit from one business to another, a rule that always applies is choosing a font that’s clear and easy to read. You’ll also want to pay attention to the alignment and spacing of your text. Depending on the specific design of your stationery, it may make sense to use a pair of two complementary fonts.

  1. Choose Quality Paper

Even the best design is going to fall short if it’s printed on cheap paper. Choosing quality paper for all your different types of stationery will create a great first impression for your business.

  1. Include Contact Information

 Although the exact contact details you include may vary from one piece of stationery to the next, including this information is a must for giving potential clients or customers an easy way to get in touch with you. 

  1. Leave Empty Space

 Adding too many elements to a design is one of the most common mistakes people make. By taking a “less is more” approach, you’ll be able to ensure that the most important elements of your design stand out.

  1. Proofread

Prior to printing, be sure to have multiple people proofread all the text in your design. This is the best way to avoid making a mistake that ruins your entire batch of stationery.

If you want to work with a graphic design professional to design effective business stationery for marketing and create the best possible stationery for your business, the Kwik Kopy team is here to help! We have the experience and resources to handle the entire process from design to printing. You can get a quote online or call us at (859) 431-8811.

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