Month: November 2017

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The holiday season has officially arrived! This means lots of delicious food and treats through the beginning of the new year. It also means reminding friends and family how much they mean to you.  Although you may not get to see all of your loved ones during the holidays, you can still celebrate this season … Read More


Stand Out with a Great Sign!

By kwikkopy
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Business cards and printed brochures are great ways to build relationships with customers. But what about getting their attention in the first place?  An eye-catching sign is the perfect way to stand out. Here are five examples of how the right sign can bring more customers your way:  When busy buyers are walking around a … Read More

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If you’re using mail advertising as a marketing channel, it’s a good idea to test every element of your mailings. Envelopes are a great starting point for this type of testing. Not only are envelopes something that every recipient will see, but they also play a big role in whether or not people decide to … Read More

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